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The Greatest Defender of Earth Ever - Kurtis
Before we get to Kurtis's backstory, something really freaked me out...Carter told Kurtis to modify Jennifer and...Kurtis got this twisted GRIN on his face...it was evil but SEXY.  BUT NOW I KNOW THAT THEY HAVE COMPLETELY CHANGED HIM.  And...his eyes look three different colors depending on the lighting...yellow, green and brown.
So...let's see.  5 years ago...check.
Wife and daughter...check.
Cyborg...CHECK, we see his arms!!
70% replaced...check.
Furious anger at Gordon for not preventing the accident...WHOA, HE THREW GORDON INTO A WALL.  THAT MUST HURT.
Oh now he's beating Gordon up...he says his only purpose is to kill Gordon and take the title of Defender of Earth.  Funny, I didn't remember that...
WHOA, DID THE PRINNES JUST KILL KURTIS?!  What the hell just happened?!  He is encircled in a ring of fire and he can't get out because he can't move, he has been too badly damaged.
LOL, mid-episode animation is so funny!  You see Carter saluting and Kurtis flying like Superman in the background XD Freakin' hilarious.
And...did you notice that the mid-episode music is actually from Kurtis' character single?  I noticed that ^_^
OH WAIT, KURTIS IS ALIVE...and now he's jumping off the Gargantua to his death...and he's...self-destructing the control device...so...I KNOW JENNIFER, I WANT TO CRY TOO.  OH, YOU TOO, FLONNE?  WE CAN ALL BE KURTIS FANGIRLS TOGETHER.
Well, there ya go!  It was actually pretty accurate when it came to his backstory.  It was extremely accurate.  I can actually tell that they ripped the lines directly from the game.  Yay!  So they just overplayed Kurtis's anger...that's all it was, I suppose.  I mean, they went way overboard, but...they made it a little better in the end.
But...it was okay.  This was actually a very accurate episode, regarding Kurtis at least.  I'm satisfied ^-^

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I downloaded Ep. 9 of Disgaea and watched it.  It's safe!  Kurtis is GREEN again.
His hairstyle is a little different in some screens but the animation isn't all that good at times so that would explain it, ne?  Like, his hair is usually all in one direction, but when they show him from the front they'll have one spike jutting off to the side or way up or something.  It was really awkward at first but I got used to it.  They also really accented his nose in the anime, so he looks sort of like a bird in some shots :D A Kurtis bird...that would be v. funny.
So the anime is safe!  Oh the things I do for you people (Tokiya) to confirm stuff.  Thanks for pointing out the credits though, that's what inspired me to go on a rampage looking for the episodes.  So yeah, he's safe, he's constantly upstaging Gordon, and he's using Thursday as a HUGE plot device.  Woo-hoo.
They made his part significantly smaller though.  He hasn't had an interesting line yet.  So now my beef is not with his hair but with his ridiculously small part.  They made him out to be far too evil, as opposed to the justice enthusiast he was in the game.  In the anime he's just malicious and even goes so far as to take hostages, but in the game he just fought for what he believed in, even if it did mean the destruction of the Netherworld.  He ended up reconciling with Gordon upon his death but I don't see that happening here...I mean, he was grinding Gordon's head into the dirt and enjoying it.

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I may not be able to see the Disgaea anime in its entirety.
BECAUSE THEY CHANGED KURTIS' HAIR COLOR.  I saw an advertising picture for the anime, and HIS HAIR WAS BROWN.  BROWN!  Here is the picture, under a cut of course:
I have to kill the animators now.  KURTIS-SAMA'S HAIR IS GREEN.  GREEN DAMMIT!

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This is a community dedicated to Kurtis!  I noticed there wasn't one and I was outraged, so I made one.  Well, let's see.  Once we have, like, more than one member, we'll be on a roll...so...please discover us!

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